Nikki Quittner | Founder

With over ten years experience in Architecture, Nikki saw the need for an in-between service to assist her Clients with the big picture questions before diving into a detailed design process. Identifying this need, Nikki founded Test Before You Invest: an upfront assessment of a property’s potential.

Nikki has worked on a multitude of projects, from Single Residential, Town Houses, Multi Residential to Commercial, Retail, Mixed Use and Masterplanning, specialising in front end delivery. Her expertise lies in quality design, thoughtful planning and communication throughout the life of a project.

Our Philosophy

At Test Before You Invest, we believe communication is the most important part of architecture, as it welcomes the Client to be a part of the journey, and helps to provide transparency for all the Client unknowns. Questions such as:

  • “what does an Architect really do?”
  • “what is the process from concept to delivery?”
  • “where do the Architect’s fees go?” 

are discussed at the start of every new project. This is what lead to the creation of Test before you Invest - an honest upfront dialogue about the parameters of a property.

Our Approach

Our approach to design and planning is different. Many architects lie on either end of the spectrum: Too design focused to respect the budget, or too commercially driven to respect the design. With a foundation of experience in design and commercial practices, we bring the best of both worlds together, designing quality developments with commercial awareness. 

Be a part of a new kind of architecture

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Test Before You Invest is an upfront assessment of a property’s potential, identifying the key need-to-knows to feel confident it is a sound development to invest in.

We provide you with the key parameters of your property, to help you to decide whether to proceed with your project and whether to engage an Architect (with us or externally) for ongoing services.

Whether it be an extension or complete re-build, this assessment is the missing link between what your property currently looks like and what it could look like should you wish to make some improvements.

When you just want to know the big picture of your property's potential, before diving into the detail.

Developed by qualified Architects, Test Before You Invest works in association with local and state authorities to provide a clear assessment of the key considerations if you are thinking about making changes to your property. It addresses things like height, developable area, heritage and landscape. This report provides you with the opportunity to understand your parameters, before engaging in detailed, costly and timely consultant services. 

Subsequently, this test saves you dollars and time down the line when you do decide to engage an architect as the base research has already been undertaken. It is also a great way to manage your expectations early, before diving into what is an exciting but complex process.

Interested buyers and sellers invest in building reports, conveyancing, strata reports and pest inspections. Why not invest in an analysis that tests the potential of your property?

Q: What does Test Before You Invest outline?

A: What to know before you buy / What to know before you build

When you keep saying "but I just want to know.."

The answer to questions like:

  1. What are the local controls to consider?
  2. What are my site opportunities and constraints?
  3. What are my approval options?
  4. What upcoming fees should I be aware of?
  5. What kind of timeline should I expect?
  6. What is the maximum footprint permitted on my site?
  7. What might the maximum footprint look like on my site?
  8. How much will construction cost?

A property assessment conducted by a qualified Architect can provide home buyers with a number of valuable insights.

Q: Who can use Test Before You Invest?

A: A range of people at different stages in their property life cycle can take away valuable insight from this report, including current owners, interested buyers and future investors.

Who can use Test Before You Invest?

A range of people at different stages in their property life cycle can take away valuable insight from this report. Are you:

  • Interested in buying a property?
  • Interested in selling a property? 
  • Interested in renovating a property?
  • A Buyers Agent?
  • A Real Estate Agent?
  • An Architect?
  • A Property Developer?